Gratitude Journal

Start your day happy with gratitude journaling.

An effective routine for increased happiness, based on positive psychology research.

Gratitude Journal

Start your day happy with gratitude journaling—an effective science-backed routine for increased happiness.

Become more optimistic by reflecting daily on the good in your life.

Strengthen your growth mindset with a focus on growth, over the outcome. Research shows that people with a growth mindset often outperform others a fixed mindset.

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  • Undated for 200 days of journaling.

Why journal?

Some helpful resources to get you started


All orders are dispatched in 7-10 days, due to the holiday rush.

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Frequently answered questions (F.A.Q's)

How much is Shipping? (€4)

Standard shipping is €4 worldwide. If the shipping method is trackable for your country, you will receive a tracking number.

Express shipping is available at checkout and is always trackable.

Where do I start?
When it comes to the Gratitude Journal, we find it's best to start with the section you feel most comfortable filling out, so you can build the habit.
How long does the planner last?

We designed the journal for just over six months (200 days) of journaling.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship worldwide.

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