Organize your weeks,
get more done & accomplish your biggest goals.

52-week planner, that helps you get things done.

Weekly Planner

The Weekly pages help you build an effective weekly planning habit, that helps you get more done.

The Goal pages help you set your goals (OKR's), break them down and measure your progress weekly.

The Weekly reflection helps you make a quick analysis of your week, log your wins & identify critical areas of improvement.

  • Ships in 3-5 days (Worldwide)

  • Undated for 52 weeks of planning & reflection.

How it works

How to organize your weeks & get more done with Weekly Planner.

Organize your weeks

Organize your weeks for getting things done

In 3 simple steps that take 10 minutes to complete
Set your weekly goal with a simple question - What needs to happen for this week to be a great?
Outline your priorities for the week - What are the tasks you must complete, to accomplish your weekly goals?
Schedule your priorities daily & get them done throughout the week. When they are complete, you can get to the other tasks.
Accomplish your goals

Accomplish your biggest goals, in 3 simple steps.

With OKR's. A goal-setting technique from Google.
Set measurable quarterly goals - for each focus area you want to improve - work, health, business, family etc.
Break it down & take action - Break down your quarterly goals, into smaller tactical weekly goals. Then outline the actions you must take daily, to reach these tactical weekly goals.
Measure progress weekly - The OKR Gradesheet helps you measure your progress, so you can understand the impact of the work you are doing & decide if you need to change tactics.

What you'll get

Three sections that keep you organized

The weekly section

52x Weekly pages, for planning your weeks.

  • Weekly planning - Set your weekly goals & outline your priorities for work & your personal life, in the weekly planning section.

  • Weekly reflections - Use the weekly reflection to spot patterns & log critical insights from the week.

  • Habit tracker - The weekly pages include a simple habit tracker, to help you track up to 4 habits every week.

The Goal-setting Section (OKR's)

12x Goal-setting pages, to set & track measurable goals (OKR's) across different focus areas in your life, over the year.

  • Set measurable goals - Use the goal pages to set & track up to 3 measurable goals (OKR’s) for up to 3 focus areas (work, family, fitness, e.t.c.) each quarter.

  • Track progress weekly - Use the OKR gradesheet to track your progress weekly, towards your quarterly goals (OKR's.)

The Free Pages

48x Free pages, to make the planner your own.

  • We included 24 empty spreads (48 pages) at the end of the planner, for you to track your fitness, fertility cycle, meals or anything else you need to log.

Organize your weeks, get more done & accomplish your goals.


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Frequently answered questions (F.A.Q's)

How much is Shipping? (€4)

Standard shipping is €4 worldwide. If the shipping method is trackable for your country, you will receive a tracking number.

Express shipping is available at checkout and is always trackable.

Where do I start?
Start with the weekly pages. A routine of weekly planning for 10 minutes will help you clarify your priorities and accomplish your tactical goals.
How long does the planner last? And what's inside?

We designed the planner for a full year (12 months) of weekly planning.

  • What's Inside
  • 52x Weekly pages (12 months)
  • 12x Goal pages (for 3 focus areas each quarter)
  • 48x Free pages (for everything else)
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship worldwide.

Have questions?

Send an email to support@theagileyou.com for unlimited free answers to your questions.